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The Vivaldi Guitar Trio was born in 1992 on the initiative of Enrico Negro, Ignazio Viola and Mario Cosco, three musicians from Torino who graduated at the "A. Vivaldi" Conservatory in Alessandria under Maestro Guido Margaria's guidance.

The group soon got great success in many national and international music contests winning first prize in the "Amadeus" (Martina Franca, 1993), "Città di Ercolano" (1994), "P. Barsacchi" (Viareggio, 1995), and "Città di Nova Milanese" (1995) contests as well as in other ones.

The Trio's repertoire, constantly increasing and evolving, originated from a painstaking exploration of the original   19 th - and 20 th -century repertoire for three guitars as well as from their use of well-made transcriptions of pieces from baroque (especially Vivaldi's) and contemporary music (on which the group have long centred their attention).

The Trio have collaborated with various authors (such as Franco Mannino, Giorgio Ferrari, Teresa Procaccini, Daniele Zanettovich, Riccardo Vianello, Andrea Basevi, Roberto Beltrami) for the creation of new pieces and recorded two CDs dedicated to the original   20 th -century and contemporary repertoires : " Original 20th Century Works For Three Guitars " (Rainbow Classics 1996) and " Contemporanea - Autori Italiani per tre chitarre " (Lira Classica - M.a.p. 2002).

Sinigaglia Ensemble. The group also have explored the folk repertoire through their collaboration with singer Paola Lombardo and Leone Sinigaglia Ensemble 's new project that revives traditional folk song of Piedmont in a form arranged by contemporary composers.  
This project has originated the recently published CD "La crava mangia ij more" (Folkclub - Ethnosuoni 2008).

Unpublished works. The group have premiered several unpublished works, many of which were written especially for them, and revised such works for publishing on behalf of various publishers (Bèrben, Pizzicato Verlag).

The Trio have performed in Italy, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, within several festivals and contemporary music exhibitions, in collaboration with various music institutes and agencies   (Agimus, Unione Musicale, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Lubljiana, Gliwice Guitar Festival, Folkermesse, Musincanto, etc.).

Enrico, Ignazio and Mario play guitars made by luthier Mario Grimaldi.

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