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[GREEN PROGRAMME: "Ballate d'amore e di sangue"
(Ballades of love and blood)
songs of the Piedmontese tradition performed by the Leone Sinigaglia Ensemble (Paola Lombardo: voice, Vivaldi Trio: guitars)

This new programme originated from Vivaldi Trio' s idea of paying a heartfelt and unusual tribute to the wide repertoire of the Piemontese folk ballades.
The selection of the pieces was based on the material found in the historical collections of Piedmontese folk songs of musicologists and researchers such as Leone Sinigaglia and others.
The musical form of these ballades was revised according to a modern and "learned" interpretation yet without distorting their ancient and evocatve character.  
Paola Lombardo's voice dialogues and merges with the intricate intertwining of the Trio's eighteen strings thus re-creating, by the spontaneity of the acoustic mode, the magic of that ancient ancestral lyric that has always been handed down orally and sung.
This project has originated the recently published CD " La crava mangia ij more ", (Folkclub - Ethnosuoni 2008)



[ BLUE PROGRAMME: "Concerto Cameristico"
(Chamber Concert)

It is a fascinating musical journey through various epochs of the instrumental music - from baroque up to nowadays - pointing out their most remarkable forms of expression. Original 19 th - and 20 th -century compositions for three guitars are thus performed besides transcriptions of Vivaldi concertos and chamber pieces by great authors of the "classical" period.

Music by: Vivaldi, De Call, Carulli, Hindemith, Farkas, Albéniz, Bogdanovic



[ YELLOW PROGRAMME: "Autori italiani tra '900 e nuovo millennio" (Italian authors between the 20th century and the new millennium) ]

A concert entirely focused on contemporary music for three guitars, offering a wide overview of the original music for this group written by Italian composers, following the contents of our CD " Contemporanea ". Most of the pieces here performed are the result of direct collaboration between our Trio and such composers and were premiered by the Trio.
The programme concerns authors who somehow are now part   of the "historical" scene   of the 20 th century (F. Margola, F. Mannino, E. Morricone, G. Viozzi) as well as next generation composers and guitarists (D. Zanettovich,   M. Gangi, G. Mirto) and offers a wide variety of styles and atmospheres.



[ RED PROGRAMME: "Concierto Latino" (Latin Concert) ]

This is a tribute to the rhythms and melodies of Spanish and Latin-American music, to a tradition that has adopted just the voice of the guitar as one of its main means of expression.
Besides compositions by authors who are now to be regarded as classic for as conerns the guitar repertoire, the group perform pieces by contemporary authors that refer to such tradition, as well as transcriptions of dances and songs featuring more noticeable folk roots .

Music by: Boccherini, Turina, Albéniz, Soler, Corner


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