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Les Cahiers de la Guitare

La Stampa


CD Classica

Russelsheimer Echo

GuitArt International


"(…) A nice ensemble. An high musical and instrumental quality ensemble that favours a austere style yet playing music from our century. Its great virtuousness and explosive sound quality are worthy of remark."
Anne Laure Boutin – "Les Cahiers de la Guitare".


"(…) a valued band, because of not only the ensemble's originality, but also and especially their skill."
Leonardo Osella – "La Stampa".


"(…)Excellent group that consistently and rigorously selects original compositions for three guitars.
Francesco Rampichini – "Chitarre".


"(…) besides an enviable instrumental virtuousness, the Trio have above all a very broad technique that allows them to offer extraordinary performances with highly interesting dynamic and timbre choices."
Quirino Trovato – "CD Classica".


"(…) the "A. Vivaldi" Trio's performance provided the audience with particular emotions. The trio have the ability to combine technique with musicality such as to hold the audience spellbound."
"Russelsheimer Echo" – Frankfurt.


"(...) The ensemble  performed with confidence and ease. They played pieces by ten composers showing an excellent balance between the guitars and employing various timbres and effects. The excellent sound moderation is one of the Trio's main virtues."  
Luis Blanc - "GuitArt International"



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